Print: 1400/11/01

Performance Report

Nine Years Performance Report

 Yashilmisho Enviromental Group

 Shabestar Town / Shahrivar 2008



In the name of God

Protect soil, earth and everything else on it …


Group objectives:

This group was formed in 1999 due to the decision of founder members consist of 10 members and at the beginning, the current activities were started after choosing the temporary board of directors and in the next years, the members of the board of directors of the group were selected by holding public assembly meetings mostly at Kharmanyeri environmental shelter complex. The board of directors subsequently introduces the head secretary of the group who is the group lawful and legal representative, and the huge decisions of the group are discussed and passed in the meetings of the board of directors.

The group activities are progressing by the following committees in accordance with the broadness of the dimensions:
scheme and program, secretary ship, public relations, technical, inspection, supplies, financial, woman and medical committees.

The membership is in the forms of normal, active and honorary.
It is noted that the members of the board of directors and the founder members serve voluntary.


The environment: Green Areas


The environment: Wildlife

Note: the discovered items except for the second case were delivered to Shabestar environment department.

The environment: Social and Cultural field

Construction activities

Watershed management activities

Public and professional sports

Statistical activities

The group honors

The arisen problems and incidents

Contact us:


Yashil Misho Environmental Group

Shabestar Town

Address: Shabestar, Sheikh Mahmoud st., opposite of finance department

Tel:  (+98) 471 2227271 - 2221810

Fax: (+98) 471 2227272



Translated by: Amir Hashemi